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The Congregation for Catholic Education wishes to express its closeness and encouragement to all Catholic schools, Ecclesiastical Faculties and Catholic Universities; in particular it gives thanks to the Directors, Rectors, Presidents, Deans, teachers, and administrative and service staff who, in recent months, have been carrying the heavy burden of ensuring the operation of their institutional and academic activities, through the telematic methods in order to guarantee the continuity and "regular" conclusion of the current year, as indicated in the Note of the Congregation, concerning the equivalent examinations and tests of the Ecclesiastical Academic Institutions (March 12, 2020).

While we invite you to keep yourselves updated with what the Ministries in charge for schools and universities are organizing for educational institutions in their own countries, we urge everyone to support and to secure the safety of children and young people, and to face this special moment patiently with smart and active collaboration, through the time that will be necessary.

Our Easter wish for everyone is the renewal of faith in the mystery-reality of resurrection of the Son of God, who gives meaning to and illuminates everything. This spurs us on to open our hearts and minds to God and to our brethren with courage and determination, and to invest our talents in this “present moment”. Yes, because the believer is not asked to live an unembodied and abstract spirituality, but one that corresponds to reality in which light, fraternity, joy and peace must be infused.

Press release of the Congregation for Catholic Education (7 April 2020)
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