ICR activity and responsabilities

The Office has global jurisdiction, since it is responsible for the four regional conventions.

The Holy See’s Recognition Office aims at:

    • promoting the fair recognition of qualifications and degrees obtained from Ecclesiastical Academic Institutions;

    • developing related best practices regarding studies, degrees, and qualifications that are submitted by students coming from different education systems, who want to continue their studies in Ecclesiastical Academic Institutions or vice versa.

Furthermore, the daily work of the Holy See’s Recognition Office is about:

    • facilitating access to authoritative and accurate information about the Holy See’s higher education system and degrees;

    • making access to information about other countries’ systems and degrees easier;

    • providing opinions or information on matters related to qualifications  recognition and evaluation, in line with national laws and regulations.

The information provided by the Center, as data and advice, is not legally binding. Third parties, after having heard the Center’s opinion, will take sole responsibility regarding their recognition-related decisions.

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