"I think one could say that at the most intimate level, the true origin of the university lies in the thirst for knowledge that is proper to man. The human being wants to know what everything around him is. He wants truth." Benedict XVI
"May the possibility of studying in Rome help you to reinforce your sense of belonging to the Church and your commitment of fidelity to the Pope's universal Magisterium." Benedict XVI
"There is need of a true evangelical hermeneutic for better understanding life, the world and humanity, not of a synthesis but of a spiritual atmosphere of research and certainty based on the truths of reason and of faith." Francis
"We cannot grow and we cannot educate without consistency: consistency and witness!" Francis
"Dear students, in the University you are not only recipients of services, but you are the true protagonists of the activities performed there." St. John Paul II

Qualifications Framework

Academic university centers of the Catholic Church are different, depending on their aims and course contents; therefore, there are two different kinds: • Ecclesiastical Universities and Faculties •... Read more

Training offer

At the center of the overall architecture of university studies we find Courses Supply, in which each curriculum is structured in a consistent and integrated way. Legislation According to the... Read more


  • Catholic Education in an increasingly secular world

    Cardinal Giuseppe Versaldi, on September 24, took part in the Executive Symposium on Education organized by the Australian Catholic University (ACU) in Rome. In his discourse on Catholic education in a secular world Cardinal said that today's culture can be categorized into two levels: at the level of the ability to know the truth and with regard to the field of action, that is, the field of... Read more

  • 24 countries have adopted the new Convention for the recognition of higher education studies, degrees and diplomas in Latin America and the Caribbean

    For three days, the government representatives of 23 countries of Latin America, the Caribbean region and the Holy See met at the International Conference of States convened by UNESCO in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the final revision of the proposed text of the new Convention for the recognition of studies, diplomas and higher education qualifications in Latin America and the Caribbean region,... Read more

  • Prefect visits the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

    On 8th July in Lima (Peru) the Prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education, Card. Giuseppe Versaldi, presided at the inauguration of the new Rector of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Dr. Carlos Garatea Grau, who had been chosen according to the University’s Statutes and approved by the Congregation for Catholic Education, which is the competent Dicastery for Catholic and... Read more

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