Circular Letter n. 4 regarding the correct application of the Apostolic Constitution Veritatis Gaudium

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This Circular Letter n. 4 — addressed to all Chancellors, Rectors and Deans of Ecclesiastical Faculties — follows Circular Letter n. 3 (8 December 2020) in expressing and realizing the Holy See's care for the promotion of ecclesiastical studies.

The Chancellors are kindly asked to forward this Letter, whose authority is recalled by the fact that "for the correct carrying out of the present Constitution, the Norms of Application issued by the Congregation for Catholic Education must be observed" (VG, article 10), to the Rectors, Presidents and Deans, who are asked, in their turn, to distribute it as widely as possible among those directly concerned (teachers; secretariats; incorporated, aggregated and affiliated institutions; etc.) as well as those indirectly concerned (experts in the field of Catholic education, etc.). 

The Congregation for Catholic Education wishes to repeat that it is completely ready to support the best possible reception of the Apostolic Constitution, to promote “the renewal of ecclesiastical studies … as part of the new phase of the Church’s mission, marked by witness to the joy born of encountering Jesus and proclaiming his Gospel” that Pope Francis “set before the whole People of God as a programme in Evangelii Gaudium” (VG, Foreword, 1). The Dicastery would much appreciate any suggestions for other themes of interest to the world’s ecclesiastical institutions that could usefully be treated in a future Circular Letter, as well as any thoughts presented on those same themes.

Circular Letter n.4 (8 December 2021)
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